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Alibaba Mail:How to Disable Unusual Logon Reminder Emails?

Last Updated:Apr 04, 2023

This topic describes how to disable unusual logon reminder.

Problem Description:

Users will receive an email reminding of mailbox login in different places, which is the city where the system automatically matches the mailbox's previously commonly used login IP. When a new city appears in the current login IP, it will be judged as "strange IP" login in different places. The judgment of unfamiliar IP changes dynamically with the usage of mailbox login. If the login is operated by user himself, with the increase of usage times, the IP will no longer be judged as "unfamiliar IP". This feature is enabled by default.

Remote logon alerts include the following methods:

  • IMAP login

  • POP logon

  • Web login

  • SMTP login


User can turn off the usual logon reminder through Settings> Notifications> Reminders> Unusual Logon Reminder.