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Alibaba Mail:Email Monitoring

Last Updated:Feb 08, 2023

The main function of Alibaba Mail Email Monitoring is to monitor the emails sent and received by some or all employees according to the needs of the enterprises. It helps enterprises back up emails and save important information and evidence.

Email Monitoring Features

  • Alibaba Mail Email Monitoring function can copy the emails sent and received by the monitored mailbox to the mailbox of the monitor.

  • This function can monitor all emails sent and received in the Alibaba Mail (including email clients and Webmail), and can set the monitoring objects as needed, making it more convenient and comprehensive to manage the Alibaba Mail.

How to Perform Email Monitoring?


1. Use postmaster account login Alibaba Mail and enter domain management page> Security> Email Monitoring.


2. Click Create Email Monitoring Rule, turn on Execution Status, configure the rule, and then click Save.



1. If you do not specify the email monitoring target, all email accounts under organization will be automatically forwarded.

2. If the Direction is not set, then all mail will be monitored by default.

3. It is recommended that the monitored emails be stored in a folder customized by the monitor mailbox. As shown in the following figure, the settings are stored in a custom folder. The corresponding custom folder is generated in the monitor mailbox to store the monitored emails.

4. Email monitoring takes effect only for emails sent and received in monitored mailboxes after opening. Emails before opening will not be copied to the monitor's mailbox.