You can analyze log data of Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) to locate and resolve issues. This improves the overall performance of your CDN service. This topic describes the log management features of Alibaba Cloud CDN and related services.

Log management features

Alibaba Cloud CDN supports the following log management features.
Download logsYou can query logs of a specified time range or of a specified domain name. You can also download the returned logs.
Use Function Compute to deliver logsTo retain log data for a longer period of time, import the log data to Object Storage Service (OSS). This allows you to analyze the log data at any time.

Related services

The log management features of Alibaba Cloud CDN can be integrated with the following services:
  • Function Compute

    Function Compute supports various events for Alibaba Cloud CDN. You can use Function Compute events to import log data of Alibaba Cloud CDN to another service, refresh and prefetch content, add domain names to be accelerated, delete accelerated domain names, enables accelerated domain names, and disables accelerated domain names. For more information about how these events are triggered, see CDN event triggers.

    For more information about Function Compute, see What is Function Compute?.

  • Object Storage Service (OSS)

    For more information about OSS, see What is OSS?.