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What is Function Compute

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2018

Alibaba Cloud Function Compute is an event-driven and fully-managed compute service. By using Function Compute, you can write and upload codes without worrying about procuring and managing infrastructure resources. Function Compute prepares computing resources for you and runs your codes on your behalf in an elastic and reliable manner. In addition, Function Compute provides log query, performance monitoring, alerts, and other features. With Function Compute, you can quickly build any type of applications or services without considering management or O&M. You can complete a set of backend services for processing multimedia data even in several days. You only pay for resources actually consumed when running the codes. No fee is incurred for application codes that are not run.

Function Compute integrates different services in an event-driven model. When the event source service triggers an event, the associated function is automatically called to process the event. You can trigger function invocation by using OSS, Log Service, API Gateway, Table Store, or Function Compute SDK and API. With these services and features, you can easily build elastic, reliable, and secure applications. For example, if new data is uploaded to your Alibaba Cloud OSS, a function is automatically called to respond this event. In addition, API gateway can be used to trigger a function for HTTP requests. You can also use the Function Compute SDK and API to call your codes.

See the following figure for the workflow when using Function Compute:


①. Compile the application code in Java, Node.js, or Python that is supported by Function Compute. For more information, see Node.js.
②. Upload the code to Function Compute. You can upload the code by using the Function Compute console, Function Compute API or SDK, or the command line tool fcli.
③. Trigger the invocation of Function Compute by using Function Compute API or SDK or other Alibaba Cloud service event sources.
④. Resize dynamically Function Compute based on the amount of user requests to guarantee the performance of request peak.
⑤. View the bill that are based on the actual invocation duration of the function. The billing granularity is accurate to 100ms. For more information, see Billing method.

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