ActionTrail provides the Inner-ActionTrail feature. You can use this feature to deliver platform event logs from ActionTrail to Log Service. This feature allows you to collect, analyze, transform, and consume platform event logs in real time. This topic describes the resources, billing, and limits that are related to the Inner-ActionTrail feature.

Note You can use the Inner-ActionTrail feature to collect platform event logs of Key Management Service (KMS), Data Security Center (DSC), Object Storage Service (OSS), Elastic Compute Service (ECS), ApsaraDB RDS, Container Service for Kubernetes, Container Registry, and E-MapReduce.


  • Track platform event logs and locate the causes of resource changes.
  • View, audit, and evaluate platform event logs in near real time.
  • Store platform event logs in self-managed data centers.


  • Classified protection compliance: This feature stores platform event logs for six months or longer to meet requirements of classified protection.
  • Ease of use: This feature provides simple configuration schemes to allow you to collect platform event logs in real time.
  • Real-time analysis: This feature provides real-time analysis and out-of-the-box dashboards. This allows you to obtain the details of platform event logs.
  • Real-time alerting: This feature supports custom monitoring and alerting of specific metrics in near real time. This ensures that you can respond to critical business exceptions at the earliest opportunity.
  • Collaboration: This feature can be integrated with other ecosystems, such as stream computing, cloud storage, and visualization, to perform fine-grained analysis.


  • Custom project and Logstore
    • By default, the indexing feature is enabled for the custom Logstore. Indexes are configured for some fields.
    • By default, the Logstore permanently stores platform event logs. You can change the retention period of the platform event logs. For more information, see Manage a Logstore.
    Note Do not delete the project or Logstore that is created for the Inner-ActionTrail feature. If you delete the project or Logstore, platform event logs cannot be delivered to Log Service.
  • Dedicated dashboards
    By default, the innertrail_Trail name_audit_center_cn and innertrail_Trail name_audit_center_en dashboards are generated. The dashboards visualize data based on the platform event logs of cloud resources in real time. The data includes the number of page views (PVs), the number of unique views (UVs), the number of source services, the distribution of event sources, and the trends of PVs and UVs.
    Note Alibaba Cloud updates and upgrades dedicated dashboards from time to time. We recommend that you do not modify dedicated dashboards. You can customize a dashboard to display specific query results. For more information, see Create a dashboard.


  • ActionTrail does not charge you additional fees for the Inner-ActionTrail feature.
  • If platform event logs are delivered to Log Service, Log Service is billed based on the used storage space, read traffic, request quantity, data processing workloads, and data delivery workloads. For more information, see Billing overview.


  • You must submit a ticket or ask your sales manager to add you to the whitelist of users who can use the Inner-ActionTrail feature.
  • Before you can use the Inner-ActionTrail feature, make sure that your Log Service does not have overdue payments.
  • You can create only one trail.
  • All platform event logs can be delivered to only one Logstore.
  • You can write only platform event logs to the Logstore. This limit does not apply to event logs that are related to statistics, alerts, and consumption.