You can deliver events to Log Service or Object Storage Service (OSS) based on your requirements.

Log Service allows you to query or analyze events. If you want to query or analyze events, or use specific ActionTrail features such as advanced event query, event alerting, and intelligent analysis based on insight events, we recommend that you deliver events to Log Service. Although Log Service charges slightly more than OSS, it can implement more requirements than OSS.

OSS allows you to archive events. If you want to retain events for more than 90 days and do not need to query or analyze the events, we recommend that you deliver the events to OSS.

Note To meet diverse requirements, we recommend that you deliver events to both Log Service and OSS.

The following table compares the features of Log Service and OSS.

Item Log Service OSS
Storage cost Slightly higher than OSS Low
Delivery latency Less than 1 minute Less than 10 minutes
Event query capability Strong Weak
Event analysis capability Strong Weak
Advanced event query Supported Not supported
Event alerting Supported Not supported
Intelligent analysis based on insight events Supported Not supported

For more information about how to select a storage service, see Deliver events to specified Alibaba Cloud services.