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Container Registry:Main features of a repository

Last Updated:Dec 18, 2023

A repository is a platform used to store, manage, and distribute container images of different versions for the same application in a centralized manner. It supports version control, permission control, automatic integration, and security management. We recommend that you store images of different versions for the same application in one repository.

Repository naming

We recommend that you use the name of a software package or an application as the name of a repository.

  • Example of using the software package name as the name of a repository: centos or jetty

  • Example of using the application name as the name of a repository: console-web or console-service

Main features of a repository

  • Repository visibility setting

    • If you configure a public repository, all users can pull images from it anonymously.

    • If you configure a private repository, only authorized users can pull images from it after logon.

  • Image-based deployment

    On the details page of a repository, click Deploy Application. In the dialog box that appears, click Deploy. The specified images in the repository are deployed in the Container Service for Kubernetes console.

  • Image query

    • Query images in a repository and obtain the Digest and ImageId values of each image.

    • Check the image layer information, including the size and metadata for each layer of the images.

  • Webhook

    • Enable the system to send webhook notifications to the specified webhook URL after images are pushed to a repository.

    • Integrate with the downstream processes of Container Registry.

  • Authorization for a repository

    Grant the access permissions on a repository to RAM users.

  • Image building

    • Manage your source code repositories. After you commit the code, images are built based on the build rules you specify and pushed to the specified repository.

    • Integrate with the upstream processes of Container Registry.