You can use Container Service with the Command Line Interface (CLI) tool.

The Alibaba Cloud CLI tool is compiled based on Alibaba Cloud OpenAPIs by using the Go language to manage Alibaba Cloud resources. After downloading and configuring this tool, you can use multiple Alibaba Cloud products with a command line method.

For more information, see Linux.

Container Service for Kubernetes supports APIs of the RESTful type. The following is an API list.

API interface Description Scope
View all clusters View all the created clusters in Container Service. Kubernetes cluster
View information about a cluster View the cluster details according to the cluster ID. Kubernetes cluster
Create a cluster Create a cluster with a specified number of nodes. Kubernetes cluster
Add existing ECS instances Add existing Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances to a cluster. Kubernetes cluster
Delete a cluster Delete a cluster according to the cluster ID and release all node resources of the cluster. Kubernetes cluster