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Container Service for Kubernetes:What is ACK Edge?

Last Updated:May 13, 2024

ACK Edge is a cloud-edge collaboration and hosting solution provided by Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) for edge computing scenarios. This topic describes the background information and features of ACK Edge clusters.



ACK Edge clusters support lifecycle management of containerized applications and resources in edge computing scenarios.

  • You can create highly-available ACK Edge clusters with a few clicks in the console and use lifecycle management capabilities such as cluster scaling, cluster updates, logging, and monitoring.

  • Provides a variety of heterogeneous edge node resources, including devices deployed in data centers, IoT devices, x86-based devices, and ARM-based devices. Supports colocation of heterogeneous resources.

  • Supports weak network connection in edge computing scenarios and provides node autonomy and network autonomy capabilities to ensure the high reliability of edge nodes and edge businesses.

  • Supports reverse tunneling for management and maintenance of edge nodes.

  • Provides cell-based management, cell-based deployment, and cell-based traffic management at the edge.