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Last Updated: Sep 17, 2021

This topic describes the limits of ApsaraVideo Live and how to extend the limits.

Feature limits



Extension method

Domain name for content delivery network (CDN)

If the edge group of your domain name is mainland China or the globe, the domain name must have an Internet Content Provider (ICP) filing. For more information, see ICP filing for domain names for CDN.

By default, you can add up to 20 domain names for CDN to ApsaraVideo Live within each Alibaba Cloud account.

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Concurrent live streams

By default, each domain name for CDN supports up to 20 concurrent live streams with original quality.

If you enable transcoding, each domain name for CDN supports up to 10 concurrent live streams that are transcoded.

By default, a maximum of 50 production studio instances can be created.

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Stream pushing

ApsaraVideo Live supports common video resolutions and bitrates, and does not limit the bitrate of pushed streams. To prevent stuttering during stream pushing, we recommend that you set a bitrate that is not greater than 4 Mbit/s.


Traffic Throttling Triggered by Traffic Spikes

To protect the network and your business from cyberattacks, Alibaba Cloud throttles the domain name that is billed by traffic or bandwidth when the bandwidth of the domain name suddenly reaches 10 Gbit/s in a minute. This measure is in accordance with ApsaraVideo Live Service Agreement.

If throttling is accidentally triggered or you want to remove the limit, contact Alibaba Cloud at the earliest opportunity or submit a ticket to remove the limit.

Pay by data transfer

If you pay by data transfer, the maximum bandwidth is 10 Gbit/s.

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Transcoding, time shifting, recording, screenshot capture, and Live to VOD

Some features of ApsaraVideo Live are unavailable in specific regions. For more information, see Region.

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If one of the following conditions is met, a live stream cannot be recorded: The resolution is 4K or 8K, the bitrate of the pushed stream exceeds 25 Mbit/s, or the size of a TS fragment exceeds 100 MB.


ICP filing for domain names for CDN

You can determine whether an ICP filing is required for a domain name for CDN that is added to ApsaraVideo Live based on the edge group of the domain name for CDN.

If the edge group of a domain name for CDN is the globe or mainland China, an ICP filing is required for the domain name for CDN. We recommend that you apply for an ICP filing in the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system.


You may need to use the stream pushing or stream pulling feature that is provided by ApsaraVideo Live in mainland China. In this case, you must complete the ICP filing for the domain name of your application at your origin site, no matter where your origin site is.

Content moderation

All domain names that are added to ApsaraVideo Live are reviewed. Domain names for CDN that cannot be added to ApsaraVideo Live include but are not limited to the following types:

  • Domain names that cannot be accessed or contain no valid information

  • Domain names that point to the servers of pirated games

  • Domain names of websites that provide multiplayer games and card games

  • Domain names of websites for unauthorized software download

  • Domain names of websites for P2P lending

  • Domain names of lottery websites

  • Domain names of the websites of unlicensed hospitals and pharmaceuticals

  • Domain names of websites that contain illegal content, such as pornography, drugs, or gambling


  • If you use a domain name for CDN of one of the preceding types, you must bear all risks that may arise. Alibaba Cloud reviews the content of domain names at regular intervals. If illicit content is detected from a domain name, Alibaba Cloud immediately disables or blocks the domain name. If the violation is severe, Alibaba Cloud permanently blocks all the domain names that belong to the Alibaba Cloud account.

  • If you add a wildcard domain name such as * to ApsaraVideo Live and a specific domain name such as contains illicit content, ApsaraVideo Live disables the wildcard domain name *

  • If your domain name is rejected after review, you can check the reason for the rejection on the Domain Management page in the ApsaraVideo Live console. You can modify the content based on the rejection details and submit the domain name for review again.