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10-Second SQL Analysis

Last Updated: Jun 02, 2020

When there is a sudden alarm for MySQL on CPU surge, active session rise, or response time surge, the first thing occurs to a DBA might be executing “show processlist” command on the database, but this may return a huge result set, which is very hard to analyze.
For this scenario, DAS provides the function of “10-second SQL analysis”. During these 10 seconds, “show processlist” is executed every second, and then all the result sets are statistically analyzed. It is very clear which SQL executes the most times and whether there is slow SQL in these 10 seconds.



  1. Click on the Instance Monitor on the left-side navigation bar to select the corresponding database instance.

  2. Click Monitor to enter the instance detailed information.

  3. Click Session Analysis and then click 10-Second SQL Analysis.1