Alibaba Cloud Resource Management provides a collection of resource management services that support enterprise IT administration. The services include Resource Directory and Resource Group. Resource Management enables you to build an organizational structure for resources based on your business needs. You can use a resource directory, folders, accounts, and resource groups to hierarchically organize and manage resources.

Resource Directory

Alibaba Cloud provides resource directories for enterprise customers to manage the relationships among multiple levels of resources (accounts).

A resource directory enables you to establish an organizational structure for resources used by your enterprise applications. This way, you can plan, build, and manage the resources in a centralized manner by using only one resource directory.

After you create a resource directory, you can consolidate the multiple accounts of your enterprise into it to form multi-level relationships for accounts and resources. This meets your financial, audit, security, and compliance requirements.

Applications such as billing, settlement, operation tracking, and compliance audits are interconnected with Resource Directory. This enables Resource Directory to provide an increasing number of business-based data services.

Resource Directory can be used in the following ways:

  • Resource Management console
  • API
  • SDK

Resource Group

You can sort resources owned by your Alibaba Cloud account into various resource groups. This simplifies resource and permission management under your Alibaba Cloud account. Resource Group enables you to:

  • Create resource groups to manage resources in multiple regions under an Alibaba Cloud account.
  • Set an administrator for each resource group. Each administrator manages access permissions on the resources in the resource group for which they are responsible.
  • View billing statements by resource group.