Log Service Command Line Interface (CLI) supports almost all operations as web. It also supports integrity check, automatic paging, multiple accounts, and cross-domain replication.

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Click here to download CLI.

For more information, see GitHub document.


  • Supports most of the Log Service REST APIs.
  • Supports multiple accounts to facilitate testing and cross-domain operations.
  • Supports integrity check and automatic paging for log query.
  • Supports storing and configuring AccessKey in multiple ways to apply to various cases.
  • Supports inputting complex parameters by using command lines or files and verifying the contents and formats of the parameters.
  • Supports using JMES filter to further process the results for easy selection of specific information.
  • Supports multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac), based on Python (in version 2.6, 3.3, and later), and supports the pip installation method.