The Log Analysis Service in Security Center allows you to export logs to your local machine.

You can download the logs on this page (in CSV format) or all logs (in TXT format) to your local machine.


  1. Log on to the Security Center console.
  2. On the left-side navigation pane, click Log Analysis.
  3. On the Raw Logs page, click Download Logs下载按钮 in the lower-right corner to open the Log Download dialog box.
  4. In the Log Download dialog box, click Download Logs of Current Page to export the log entries displayed on this page into a file in CSV format.

  5. You can also click Download all Logs in the CLI Console to download all the logs.

    1. Click Documentation in the Log Download dialog box to go to the page that describes how to install command-line tools.
    2. Install the command line tools
    3. Click Security information management to view and copy the current user's access ID and access key.
    4. Click Copy Command and replace access ID in step 2 and access key in step 2 with the current user's access ID and access key.
    5. Execute the command in the CLI command-line tool.

    After the command has been executed, all logs of Security Center are automatically downloaded and saved in the download_data.txt file in the current working directory.