Main features

Category Feature Description
Live stream collection Stream ingest protocol Supports the RTMP stream ingest protocol.
Stream ingest mode Supports Alibaba Cloud stream ingest SDKs and demos for iOS, Android, and Web, and common third-party stream ingest software such as OBS, XSplit, and FMLE.
Stream ingest device Supports common third-party RTMP-based codecs or set-top boxes (STBs).
Live stream playback Streaming protocol Supports the RTMP, FLV, and HLS streaming protocols.
Streaming mode Supports Alibaba Cloud streaming SDKs and demos for iOS, Android, and Web, and common third-party streaming software such as VLC.
Live stream pulling Supports FLV, RTMP, and M3U8.
Live stream management Management mode Supports graphical management and API management in the console.
Console management Domain name management Creates, modifies, or deletes a domain name, and enables or disables the ApsaraVideo Live service.
Setting management Creates, modifies, or deletes the encoding, snapshot capture, recording, and stream acceleration settings.
Console statistics Collects and queries the real-time downstream bandwidth, downstream traffic, online viewers, requests (in the operator or region dimension), and the quantity and status of live streams.
Live stream recording Supports recording live streams in FLV, MP4, and M3U8 formats, and allows you to custom the recording duration.
Live stream snapshots Supports real-time snapshot overwriting and storage, and snapshot frequency customization.
Real-time encoding Supports the LD, SD, HD, and UHD bitrate formats, and the adaptive aspect ratio of encoded videos.
Narrowband HD™ encoding Supports the LD, SD, HD, and UHD bitrate formats, and the adaptive aspect ratio of encoded videos.
Live stream security URL authentication Supports customization of the authentication key and expiration time.
IP blacklist Restricts IP addresses from accessing the accelerating domain names.
Hotlinking protection Supports blacklist or whitelist.
Data statistics Traffic statistics Collects traffic data for statistical analysis on a daily basis.
Peak bandwidth statistics Collects the peak bandwidth for statistical analysis on a daily basis.
Access statistics Views the number of UVs, the regions of requests, and other data.
Feature usage statistics Queries the resource usage during encoding, snapshot capture, recordings.
API management Domain name management Creates, deletes, modifies, and views domain names.
API stream management
  • Creates, modifies, deletes, enables, and disables live streaming domain names.
  • Queries the number of the current concurrent viewers.
  • Creates and stops recording tasks.
  • Creates and stops snapshot capture tasks.
Live stream recording Supports using the ApsaraVideo Live console or API to record live streams and store them to OSS.
Live stream snapshot capture Supports capturing snapshots during live streaming, and saving them to the Alibaba Cloud OSS platform by using APIs.
Live stream encoding Supports encoding a live stream to multiple formats by using APIs.
SDK support Stream ingest SDK Adjusts the stream ingest, adaptive bitrate, frame rate, watermark, and beauty effect parameters according to the network condition of the stream ingest terminal.
Player SDK Provides iOS, Android, and Web player SDKs, and supports multiple playback formats, minimal video start-up delay, and live stream time shifting.
Demo SDK Allows users to quickly experience the whole process of stream ingest and live streaming.

Edge ingest


The edge ingest feature preferentially ingests video streams to the optimal CDN node to ensure that users can access the optimal uplink network. This also minimizes the negative impact of problems such as video lagging and slow stream-pulling ratio caused by slow uplink transmission.


Wide coverage: ApsaraVideo Live has over 1,500 CDN nodes around the world, including over 700 nodes in mainland China, covering most mainstream cities and regions.

Smart access: The edge ingest feature preferentially allows users to access the CDN node nearest to them to ensure stable transmission.

Stream acceleration


Stream acceleration is designed to create a high-quality network transmission path between the video capture region and the playback source station. This allows videos to be transmitted by using the shortest and optimal path between the video capture and playback regions, and eliminates the problems of video lagging and high latency.


Low-cost access: Stream acceleration supports access in a highly flexible way. No development and server purchase costs are needed. This feature is enabled immediately after the configuration is completed.

High speed and stability: Stream acceleration supports access and distribution from the nearest edge node. Global nodes are connected through high-speed lines.

Global coverage: Mainstream regions such as Asia, Europe, and America are covered.

Flexible billing: To meet different user needs, the service is billed on a daily basis and supports the configuration of transmission networks at the stream level.

Comparison between public network transmission and stream acceleration
Comparison item Public network transmission Stream acceleration
Communication quality and availability The quality of long-distance public network communication is affected by a variety of factors. It is difficult to guarantee low latency, high stability, and a low packet loss rate. The high-quality infrastructure of Alibaba Cloud guarantees enhanced path quality and higher availability.
Costs Public network transmission is billed in Pay-As-You-Go mode. No hardware cost is required. The billing methods are flexible and the price is affordable.