Backup schedules may become unavailable due to overdue payments or expiration. We recommend that you renew your backup schedules in a timely manner to avoid adverse impacts on services.

Overdue payments

You have subscribed to Database Backup (DBS), your backup data has exceeded the free quota provided by your backup plan, and you do not have sufficient balance in your Alibaba Cloud account.


Your DBS subscription is due to expire, and you have not renewed the subscription in a timely manner.

Service suspension

If your backup schedules are overdue or expired, take note of the following items:

  • The backup schedules are automatically stopped.
  • If your service becomes unavailable due to overdue payments but you top up your account within seven days, DBS automatically becomes available again. If your bill is overdue for more than seven days, it is assumed that you do not want to continue the service. Your data in DBS is permanently cleared and cannot be restored.
  • After backup schedules are released, the built-in storage data that is backed up is not affected and is dumped and cleared normally based on the specified lifecycle rules. You only need to pay for the amount of storage space that you actually use or buy storage plans to offset the fees.
    Note You can query storage data in Data Lake Analytics (DLA). For more information, see Use SQL statements to query backup sets.
  • Source databases are not affected when backup schedules are released.