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What is Elastic Container Instance

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Elastic Container Instance (ECI) is an agile and secure serverless container instance service. You can easily run containers without managing servers. Also you only pay for the resources that have been consumed by the containers. ECI helps you focus on your business applications instead of managing infrastructure. You can quickly and easily deploy containers to the cloud through a two-step procedure. An ECI container group is similar in concept to a pod in Kubernetes.

You can quickly deploy containerized applications from the ECI console. You can also connect your ECIs to your existing business systems or container orchestration system using the diverse SDK tools provided. The elastic scaling feature of ECIs allows you to easily handle traffic surges. ECIs also simplify the way you develop and deploy services, allowing you to focus on your application’s business logic, without wasting time on complicated infrastructure maintenance.

Through Virtual Kubelet, ECI can seamlessly dock Kubernetes.