You must activate Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) before you use it. This topic describes how to activate EDAS.


An Alibaba Cloud account is created and real-name verification is complete.


  1. Access the EDAS product details page from a browser.
  2. On the product details page, click Buy Now.
  3. On the EDAS buy page, select the billing method, instance edition, and specifications that you want to use.

    You can select Subscription as the billing method. For more information about pricing, see Pricing.

    • Current Environment: By default, this parameter is set to Public Cloud. The setting cannot be modified.
    • Edition: The options include Standard, Professional, and Platinum. For more information about the functional differences among different editions, see Editions.
    • Billing Method: By default, this parameter is set to Subscription. The setting cannot be modified.
    • Instances: Select the number of instances as needed.
      • We recommend that you select 1 to 5 instances when you use EDAS for the first time and are not clear about your actual usage requirements. Later, you can increase the number of instances based on your business needs.
      • If you have clear requirements, see Product ranges available for sale to avoid mismatch between the selected configuration and specifications.
    • Renewal duration: Select a renewal duration for the EDAS service.
  4. Log on to your Alibaba Cloud account and buy the EDAS service as prompted.
  5. After you activate EDAS, click Console and log on to the EDAS console.
    Note If you use EDAS for the first time, the Security Authorization dialog box appears after you log on to the console. Click Authorize Now. On the Cloud Resource Access Authorization page, click Agree to Authorize.