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Activate EDAS

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2019

When using the EDAS service for the first time, follow these steps to activate it.

  1. Log on to the EDAS console.

  2. On the homepage of EDAS, click Buy Now.

  3. On the sales page of EDAS, select the configuration specifications based on the information in Product Series.The options are EDAS - Pay-As-You-Go and EDAS - Subscription Billing.

    • EDAS - Pay-As-You-Go: In this billing method, EDAS services are charged according to the number of instances with applications deployed. Two instances are provided for free and each additional instance has a charge of 1 RMB per day.
    • EDAS - Subscription Billing:
      • Current Environment: The default value is Public Cloud and cannot be modified.
      • Series: Select Professional Edition or Platinum Edition as needed.For the functional differences between these series, see Product Series.
      • Number of Application Instances: Select a number of instances for application deployment as needed.We recommend that you select one to five instances when you use EDAS for the first time. Later, you can scale up this service based on your growing business needs.
      • Subscription Validity Period: Select a subscription validity period for the EDAS service.
  4. Log on to your Alibaba Cloud account and finish purchasing the EDAS service as prompted. For EDAS pricing information, see Pricing.

  5. After EDAS is activated, click Console to go to the EDAS console.

    Note: When you use EDAS for the first time, the Security Authorization Tip dialog box is displayed after you log on to the console. Click Authorize Now. On the Cloud Resource Access Authorization page that is displayed, click Agree to Authorize.