Restrictions Description
Prerequisite If you want to obtain the ICP registration for your domain name through Alibaba Cloud, purchase the Alibaba Cloud service that is deployed within Mainland China first.
Entity An Alibaba Cloud account can only be registered for one entity (organization or individual) information. However, multiple websites can be registered under one entity.
Registration for a non-local province
  • Registration for a non-local province does not apply to organizational registration.
  • For personal registration, you need to submit the local residence permits (some administrations support this) or replace the registration province.
Website name Name your website according to the standards. See Naming requirements for naming rules.
Pre-approval If your website involves the content of the industries that needs to be pre-approved, go to the relevant approval units for the procedures of pre-approval.
Content delivery network (CDN) If your CDN nodes are deployed in Mainland China, you need to obtain ICP registration.
Registration for websites that can only be accessed through IP address It cannot apply to registration through the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system. The Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system only supports registrations for domain names.
Domain name
  • The top-level domain (TLD) of the domain name for registration must be approved by MIIT.
  • The domain name provider must be approved by MIIT.
  • The domain name must be within its validity.
  • The domain name must be real-name authenticated.
  • Information of the domain name holder must be consistent with information of the registration subject.
  • Each website can only register for one domain name according to the ICP registration regulations of administrations of Chongqing, Guangxi, Sichuan, Liaoning, Hebei, and Henan. In other provinces and cities, each website can register for 10 domain names.
Website content
  • The website must not contain illegal content.
  • If the website involves the content of industries or enterprises, it cannot be chosen for personal registration.

To obtain ICP registration through Alibaba Cloud, you need to purchase an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance that has been deployed within Mainland China, that has a subscription of more than three months, and that has a public network bandwidth assigned.

Service identification number You can apply for five service identification numbers for each ECS instance.