This topic describes the workflow of how to create an application in the Container Service console. This workflow involves the steps required to create an application.

To create an application, follow these steps:
  1. Use a RAM role to grant the corresponding permissions to a user account

    For more information, see Role authorization.

  2. Create a Kubernetes cluster

    Select a cluster type based on your needs. For more information, see Create a Kubernetes cluster, Create a managed Kubernetes cluster, and Create a serverless Kubernetes cluster.

  3. Use an image or orchestration template to create an application

    Use an existing image or orchestration template, or create an image or orchestration template to create an application. For more information, see Create a deployment application by using an image and Create a Linux application by using an orchestration template.

    Note If you want to create an application that contains services supported by multiple images, we recommend that you use an orchestration template to create the application.
  4. View the application status, and the services and pods of the application

    For more information, see View a service and View pods.