Alibaba Cloud Serverless Kubernetes allows you to quickly create Kubernetes container applications without having to manage and maintain clusters and servers. The Pay-As-You-Go billing method is applied, which is based on the amount of CPU and memory resources used by applications. With Serverless Kubernetes, you can focus on designing and building applications, rather than managing the infrastructure on which your applications run. Serverless Kubernetes is based on the Alibaba Cloud elastic computing architecture and is fully compatible with the Kuberentes API, combining the security, elasticity, and Kubernetes ecosystem of virtualized resources.


  • Easy to use: You can deploy an application in a serverless Kubernetes cluster in seconds without the need to manage the infrastructure of the serverless Kubernetes cluster. A serverless Kubernetes cluster is highly available and secure.
  • Compatible with multiple tools and platforms: You can use the Kubernetes command line interface or API to deploy containerized applications. In addition, you can migrate your applications to Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK).
  • Secure isolation: Serverless Kubernetes clusters are developed on the basis of the elastic computing architecture of Alibaba Cloud. Containers on which different applications run are isolated from each other to prevent mutual interference.
  • Scalable resources upon workload requirements: Resources required by your applications can be expanded according to the workload requirements.
  • High interconnection: Containerized applications that run in a serverless Kubernetes cluster can use more basic services provided by Alibaba Cloud. The containerized applications in ACK can interconnect with the existing applications and databases in your VPC, and the applications that run on a virtual machine.

Regions available for public beta

Currently, Serverless Kubernetes clusters of Alibaba Cloud Container Service are in public beta stage. Now, only several regions are available for public beta. Other regions are going to be available soon.


Pods in a serverless Kubernetes cluster are created based on Elastic Container Instance (ECI). For more information about the pod specifications and pod usage limits, see Limits.


Serverless Kubernetes clusters are free of charge.

For more information about ECI pricing, see Pricing.

Each type of resource (such as an SLB instance and a private zone) used in a serverless Kubernetes cluster are charged according to the price specified by the corresponding product.

Comparison with Container Service


The applications that run in a serverless Kubernetes cluster can be used in the following scenarios:
  • Complete multi-media tasks
  • Capture and modify data
  • Process the sensor data generated by Internet of Things
  • Perform flow computing
  • Develop chat robots
  • Perform batch computing
  • Develop web applications
  • Develop backend services of mobile applications
  • Complete business logic processing tasks
  • Implement continuous integration