This section describes two common issues with Kafka.

  • Error while executing topic command : Replication factor: 1 larger than available brokers: 0.

    Common causes:

    • A fault occurs in the Kafka service and the cluster broker process exits. You need to use logs to troubleshoot the fault.
    • The ZooKeeper address of the Kafka service is incorrect. View and use the Zookeeper.connect configuration item on the Kafka configuration management page.
  • Address already in use (Bind failed)

    You may encounter this exception when you use Kafka command line tools. This is typically caused by the unavailability of the JMX port. You can specify a JMX port manually before using the command line. For example:
    JMX_PORT=10101 kafka-topics --zookeeper emr-header-1:2181/kafka-1.0.0 --list