In the Alibaba Cloud Security Control console, you can view records of harmful Internet information that the source IP addresses brought to the target ECS instances in your account.

Background information

From the records of harmful Internet information, you can view domain names or URLs with harmful information, penalty actions, penalty reasons, and penalty time. If you confirm that the harmful information from the domain names or URLs has been cleared or does not exist, you can apply for access to be enabled.
Note If the penalty records have been issued by regulators, you cannot apply for access to be enabled.

In addition, to protect your website domain name from harmful information seeded by attackers, we strongly recommend that you use Web Application Firewall to protect your website.


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Security Control console.
    Note Move your cursor to the account icon in the upper-right corner of the Alibaba Cloud console, and click Security Console to go to the Alibaba Cloud Security Control console.
  2. Choose Penalty Search > Harmful Internet Information. On the page that is displayed, you can view harmful Internet information penalty records.
  3. If you have confirmed that harmful information has been cleared from the penalized domain name or URL, click Apply for release to submit an application. We will review your application within three work days and immediately remove or continue the penalty based on the results of our review.
  4. Select the penalty record corresponding to ECS instances and click Enable website protection. The system automatically protects the domain name by using the Web Application Firewall instance in your Alibaba Cloud account.