When you use IoT Platform, you must first create a product, create a device that belongs to the product, and obtain the device certificate. The certificate information includes the ProductKey, DeviceName, and DeviceSecret.

Background information

  • A product indicates a collection of devices that have the same features. You can manage devices in batches based on products. For more information, see Define TSL models and Customize a topic category.
  • Each actual device must correspond to an IoT Platform device. You must burn a device certificate (ProductKey, DeviceName, and DeviceSecret) that is issued by IoT Platform to a device. Then, use the certificate to authenticate the device when you connect the device to IoT Platform. For more information, see Obtain device certificates.

This article describes how to create a street lamp product, create a street lamp device, and then obtain a device certificate in the IoT Platform console.


  1. Log on to the IoT Platform console.
  2. On the Create Product page, set the parameters and click OK.
    Create a product-Power bank cabinet
    Parameter Description
    Product Name Enter StreetLamp.
    Category Select Custom Category.
    Node Type Select Directly Connected Device.
    Network Connection Method Select Wi-Fi.
    Data Type Select ICA Standard Data Format (Alink JSON).
    Authorization Mode Select DeviceSecret.
  3. On the Create Product page, click Add.Getting Started-Add
  4. On the Device List tab, click Add Device. Set the DeviceName parameter to device1, set the Alias parameter to device1, and then click OK.

    For more information, see Create a device.

    Add Device
    On the dialog box that appears, click Learn More or Copy Device Certificate to obtain the device certificate.

    The device certificate includes ProductKey, DeviceName, and DeviceSecret. You must secure the device certificate. The certificate is a key credential for subsequent communication between the device and IoT Platform.

    The devices have been added

What to do next

Define a TSL model for a product.