Alibaba Cloud provides you with multiple anti-DDoS solutions. You can select an appropriate solution as required. This topic describes the anti-DDoS solutions and application scenarios.

The anti-DDoS solutions include Anti-DDoS Basic, Anti-DDoS Origin, Anti-DDoS Pro, Anti-DDoS Premium, and GameShield. The following table describes the solutions.

Note To obtain a tailored security solution, contact Alibaba Cloud pre-sales customer service by telephone.
Solution Description Scenario Protection capability
Anti-DDoS Basic Anti-DDoS Basic is a basic anti-DDoS service provided by Alibaba Cloud. It provides up to 5 Gbit/s anti-DDoS protection capabilities for free based on the Alibaba Cloud services that you purchased. You can join Security Credibility to obtain higher security protection capabilities based on your security credit score. Services that have basic requirements on security. You can use Anti-DDoS Basic after you purchase an Alibaba Cloud service. We recommend that you use other security solutions for additional protection if your services require high security. Up to 5 Gbit/s
Anti-DDoS Origin Anti-DDoS Origin is designed to improve the anti-DDoS protection capabilities of Alibaba Cloud services. The services include Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Server Load Balancer (SLB), Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Elastic IP Address (EIP). You can perform simple configurations to load the security capabilities provided by Anti-DDoS Origin to Alibaba Cloud services.
  • Services that are latency-sensitive, such as online videos and live Q&A.
  • Services that use many ports, domain names, and IP addresses.
Anti-DDoS Pro

Anti-DDoS Premium

Anti-DDoS Pro and Anti-DDoS Premium are provided to protect Internet-based servers against volumetric DDoS attacks. Servers that are not on Alibaba Cloud can also be protected. After you configure Anti-DDoS Pro or Anti-DDoS Premium, attack traffic is rerouted to an Anti-DDoS Pro or Anti-DDoS Premium instance to ensure that the origin server is stable and reliable.
  • Financial, e-commerce, and portal websites.
  • Internet egresses of government departments, portals, and open platforms.
  • Important live streaming and sales promotions.
  • Scenarios when your services encounter attacks and blackmailing from competitors.
  • Scenarios when apps encounter spam user registration, empty box scams, and fraud traffic.
GameShield GameShield is provided to protect against DDoS and HTTP flood attacks in the gaming industry. GameShield can effectively defend against volumetric DDoS attacks that involve terabytes of traffic and that can be prevented by using Anti-DDoS Pro or Anti-DDoS Premium. It can also defend against the TCP-based HTTP flood attacks specific to the gaming industry.
  • Scenarios when gaming services encounter heavy-traffic bandwidth suppression.
  • Scenarios when gaming services encounter massive long-term botnet attacks.