Alibaba Cloud has over 2,800 nodes worldwide. More than 2,300 nodes are deployed in mainland China, covering 34 provincial regions. A large number of nodes are deployed in first-tier cities and some provincial capitals. More than 500 nodes are deployed across 70 countries and regions outside mainland China, including China (Hong Kong), China (Macau), and China (Taiwan).

Alibaba Cloud CDN supports a total bandwidth of 130 Tbit/s. Each node supports 10 Gbit/s optical NICs, 40 TB to 1.5 PB storage, and an operational bandwidth of 40 Gbit/s to 200 Gbit/s.

The widely distributed high-performance CDN nodes help to accelerate data transmission and cope with emergencies.

Geographical distribution

  • Regions in mainland ChinaMainland China
  • China (Hong Kong), China (Macau), China (Taiwan), and regions outside ChinaNode distribution