Discover Alibaba Cloud nodes

Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) uses a global network of 1500+ nodes to accelerate content delivery for websites and applications. In mainland China, supported by all major operators, it has over 1200 nodes that covers major cities in 34 provinces, with 100 Tbps bandwidth capability reserve. It also has over 300 nodes in over 70 other countries and regions across 6 continents, with 20 Tbps bandwidth capability reserve.

CDN continues to reliably serve businesses thanks to its ever-advancing technical specifications, including a 10 G optical network card, 40 TB to 1.5 PB storage space, and 40 Gbps to 200 Gbps bandwidth load capability.

High-performance nodes enhance information delivery compared with traditional methods, accelerating distribution and boosting reliability. With CDN, businesses are able to continue to provide a high-quality services in even the most demanding of situations.

Configure nodes

  • The system automatically configures and adjusts nodes for the domain name you have added. For more information, see the following Search nodes chapter.

  • The system also adds nodes automatically based on the access conditions.

  • You can choose the acceleration zone: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and Outside-China, and Global Acceleration.

Search nodes

The list of Alibaba Cloud CDN nodes is below in the image. Beyond Mainland China, over 300 nodes are distributed across the globe.

Mainland China

In Mainland China, there are over 1200 edge nodes in 34 provinces.

Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Outside-China