This topic describes all the statuses of a DDH from its creation to its release.

A life cycle of a DDH starts right from its creation and ends with its release. The following table displays the various statuses of a DDH.

Status Attribute Description Visible in the console
Starting Transitory A DDH is in the status before Running during its time of creation. If a DDH is in this status for a long time, an exception occurs. Yes
Running Stable The DDH is running properly. You can create and manage ECS instances on a DDH in such a status. Yes
Error Stable

An error occurs to the DDH. You can open a ticket to report and solve the problem.

Expired Stable

DDH falls in this status, when a Subscription DDH expires. You must renew the subscribed DDH. With this action, the status changes from Expired to Running. For more information about renewal, see manual renewal.

Released Stable When a Subscription DDH is released because of expiration, it enters this status. When a DDH is released, all its resources become unavailable. No