This topic describes some common issues about Pandora versions. This topic also describes how to upgrade the version of Pandora in EDAS environment, Ali-Tomcat + Pandora container, and PandoraBoot environment.

Background information

When your application starts or runs, you may find the following content in the exception stack and the related class names are prefixed by, or com.aliware. In this case, your Pandora is not the latest version. Therefore, some features are unavailable.

  • java.lang.LinkageError
  • java.lang.ClassNotFoundException
  • java.lang.NoSuchMethodError
  • java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
  • org.springframework.beans.NotWritablePropertyException: Invalid property 'xxxxxx' of bean class []:
  • RuntimeException("Can not load this fake sdk class")

In this case, you need to upgrade Pandora.

Upgrade Pandora in EDAS

On the Application Details page, click Container Version to select the latest version and click Upgrade to This Version.

Upgrade Pandora in Ali-Tomcat + Pandora Container

If you developed your application in Ali-Tomcat + Pandora, perform the following steps to upgrade Pandora:

  1. Download the Pandora container.
  2. Delete the Pandora files of the existing version.
    rm -rf /home/admin/tomcat/deploy/taobao-hsf.sar

    /home/admin/tomcat is the default installation path of Ali-Tomcat.

    You must install Pandora in an installation path of Ali-Tomcat. If your Ali-Tomcat is installed in another path, install Pandora in the actual path.

  3. Move the downloaded Pandora package to the deploy folder of Ali-Tomcat.
    mv /home/admin/downloads/taobao-hsf.tgz /home/admin/tomcat/deploy
    • /home/admin/downloads/taobao-hsf.tgz is the local download path of Pandora.
    • /home/admin/tomcat is the installation path of Ali-Tomcat.

    If you download Pandora or install Ali-Tomcat in another path, change the path to the actual path.

  4. Decompress the Pandora package.
    tar -zxvf /home/admin/tomcat/deploy/taobao-hsf.tgz

Upgrade Pandora in Pandora Boot

If you use Pandora in Pandora Boot, you only need to add the -u parameter for mandatory upgrade when the project is compressed.

For example, when you use Maven to build a project, run mvn clean package -U in the project path to upgrade Pandora.

View the Pandora version in a local development environment

After an application is started, you can find the information of Pandora in the console of the development environment. The SAR Version parameter indicates the Pandora version.

View the Pandora version in a local development environment