VPN Gateway is an Internet-based service that securely and reliably connects enterprise data centers, office networks, and Internet terminals to Alibaba Cloud VPCs through encrypted channels. VPN Gateway supports both IPsec-VPN connection and SSL-VPN connection.

Note Alibaba Cloud VPN Gateway provides services according to national policies and laws and does not provide the function of accessing the Internet.


VPN Gateway provides the following features:


VPN Gateway offers the following benefits:

  • High security: You can use the IKE and IPsec protocols to encrypt data to ensure data security and reliability.
  • High availability: With active/standby hot backup, VPN Gateway automatically switches over to the failover mode within seconds to ensure session continuity and service availability.
  • Low cost: The encrypted Internet-based channel of VPN Gateway is more cost-effective than a leased line.
  • Easy to use: VPN Gateway is ready for use after you purchase it, with no additional configurations required.