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Transcoding template

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2018

Due to the large number of parameters involved in transcoding, it is troublesome to repeat transcoding each time transcoding task is submitted. The transcoding template is a concept proposed to solve this problem. The essence of transcoding templates is to combine commonly used parameters together. Transcoding templates are available in two types:

  • Preset templates

    Pre-provided to users based on the common combination of some parameters. For details, see Preset template details.

    Preset templates include several subtypes:

    • Preset static template

      Can be used directly as transcoding template, including video transcoding, audio transcoding, transfer package and other scenarios, such as “MP4-HD” and “MP3-128K”.

    • NarrowBand HD template

      Narrowband HD is a unique technology for media transcoding. In the same bit rate, it can bring higher clarity so as to provide a better user experience at the same cost.

    • Preset smart template

      The preset smart template automatically adjusts the transcoding parameters according to the characteristics of the input file, resulting in lower bit rate at the same resolution, thus reducing more cost.

      Note: When using the preset smart template, you first need to call SubmitAnalysisJob on the Submit Template Analysis Job interface. After the analysis task successfully completes, you can call the Query Template Analysis Job interface QueryAnalysisJobList to obtain a valid preset smart template corresponding to the input file list. If the preset smart template specified in the submitted transcoding task is in an invalid list, the transcoding jtask is invalid and will return a failure.

  • Custom templates

    With a higher requirement, you can use a custom template to define your own combination of transcoding parameters (audio, video, container, transcode, etc.). Each custom template has a unique template ID.

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