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Basic use of a repository

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2019

Best practices for a repository

  • A repository is a collection of images. We recommend that you group all versions of images for an application or feature in one repository.
    • Use software package as the repository name: centos, jetty
    • Use application name as the repository name: console-web, console-service

Main features of a repository

  • Repository visibility settings
    • Set the repository as a public one. Then, the repository is open and allows all users to download anonymously.
    • Set the repository as a private one. Then, only the accounts with permissions can log on to view and download from the repository.
  • Image deployment
    • Click Deploy in the repository to go to Container Service for deployment.
  • Repository image query
    • List the images in a repository and obtain the Digest and ImageId of images.
    • Check the layer information of the image, including the size and metadata for each layer of the image.
    • Perform image security scan to identify potential vulnerabilities in the image and provide solutions for some of them.
  • Webhook
    • Enable the images in a repository to trigger notifications. After an image is uploaded, the access address set by you is automatically triggered.
    • Sequentially connect the downstream processes of an image service.
  • Repository authorization
    • Grant the permissions for a repository to sub-accounts. The sub-accounts must first log on to the console to set passwords.
      • READ: The read-only permission, with which you can only pull the images.
      • WRITE: The write permission, with which you can push the images.
      • ADMIN: The administrator permission, with which you can manage a repository.
  • Image build service
    • Manage your source code repositories. After the code is submitted, an image is built according to the build rules you set and then pushed to your repository.
    • Sequentially connect the upstream processes of an image service.