In the Projects pane, select a project. On the project editor page, you can view a project, edit a project, and manage various widgets.


The Layers list helps you view and manage the order of layers for your project. In DataV, each widget added in a canvas forms a layer. You can manually adjust the position of each widget.


You can view the toolbar at the top of the editor page. You can use functions provided in the toolbar to modify, enhance, preview, and publish your project.

Page settings

To view the Page Settings pane, click the blank area of a canvas, and the Page Settings pane is displayed on the right side of the page.

In the Page Settings pane, you can adjust the page and grid size of a project, set a background image, and select a Fit Type. Enterprise Edition users can remove the DataV watermark, an exclusive function for Enterprise Edition.

  • Page size

    You can set the screen resolution in the Page Size field. The default resolution is 1920 x 1080.

  • Background image

    You can upload an image of up to 1 MB as the background of a project.

  • Fit type

    The selection of the zoom mode corresponds to how a project is displayed.

    If your project cannot be displayed on standard screen sizes, we recommend that you use Full Screen mode.

  • Grid size

    The grid size is the smallest movement unit of a widget on a canvas. The borders of widgets automatically expand to the edges of grids based on the grid size. The smallest smooth movement value is 1 pixel.

  • Project cover

    You can click Capture Thumbnail to automatically capture an image as a thumbnail on the My Project page.

  • DataV watermark (Enterprise Edition)

    Deselect to remove the DataV watermark.

Widget settings

On the right-side of the page, click any widget on a canvas to view Style, Data, and Interaction tabs. Here, you can configure the style and data sources of each widget.