You can reset a simple application server to re-install its applications or operating system and re-initialize the server. You can reset a simple application server by resetting the operating system or replacing the image.

Background information

You can use the following methods to reset a simple application server:
  • Reset the operating system. You can re-install the current operating system without replacing the image.
  • Replace the image. You must replace the current image with another system-provided image and install a new operating system.
  • In regions outside mainland China, you cannot switch simple application servers between different operating system families. You can switch the servers only among different Linux distributions or among different Windows Server versions.
  • If you reset or replace the operating system of a simple application server, the disk data and created snapshots of the server as well as the related custom images are deleted. Back up your data before you reset your simple application server.
  • If a simple application server was created from a custom image that contains data of data disks, the server cannot be reset.


  1. Log on to the Simple Application Server console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Servers.
  3. Find the simple application server that you want to reset, and click the card of the server to go to the server details page.
  4. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Server Maintenance > Reset.
  5. Reset the server.
    Use one of the following methods to reset the server:
    • In the Reset the current system section, click Confirm Reset.
    • In the Change to other images section, perform the following operations:
      1. Select an image on the Application Images or OS Image tab.
      2. Click Confirm Change.
    Note A message appears, indicating that the reset operation will delete the disk data and created snapshots of the server, regardless of the method of resetting the server. Confirm the information and click OK.
    Go back to the Servers page. When the status of the server changes from Resetting to Running, the server is reset.