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Transfer domain names

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2017

You can transfer a domain name from a third-party DNS service provider to Alibaba Cloud DNS without affecting the domain name resolution. This document describes the migration procedure.


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud DNS console.

  2. Click Add Domain Name to add the target domain name.

  3. Click Configure to go to the DNS Settings page for the target domain name.

  4. Click Add Record to add all the resolution records of the domain name.

  5. According to your OS, run the following command to verify whether the resolution records have been applied to the Alibaba Cloud authoritative DNS servers:

    • For Windows OS: nslookup -qt=record type domain name Alibaba Cloud DNS

    • For Linux OS: dig type domain name @Alibaba Cloud DNS

    If the result includes the IP address specified in the resolution records, then the resolution records have taken effect on the Alibaba Cloud authoritative DNS servers.

  6. After verifying the DNS settings on Alibaba Cloud DNS successfully, go to the domain name registrar to change its DNS service provider to Alibaba Cloud DNS.

Note: Make sure that the resolution records added to Alibaba Cloud DNS are the same as that at the original domain name DNS service provider. We recommend that you do not make any changes within 48 hours of adding a resolution record.