API introduction

Last Updated: Oct 12, 2017

This document describes how to use APIs to operate the HPC service. Currently, all APIs described in this document are released in the form of OpenAPI spec.

NOTE: Before using these APIs, make sure you fully understand the E-HPC product instructions, user agreement, and billing method.


Term Description
Instance A physical server with high-performance computing.
Region Region where resources are located. Interconnection between regions over the intranet is not supported.

Description of instance types

NOTE: In the API description section, whenever there is a conflict with the instance types given on the official website concerning optional parameter values or available specifications, the information on the official website prevails.

OpenAPI overview


Currently, a total of 19 APIs are provided.

Service address


API version


API Description
CreateCluster Create a cluster
DeleteCluster Release a cluster
ListClusters Query the cluster list
ModifyClusterAttribute Modify cluster attributes
DescribeCluster Query the detailed information of a cluster
API Description
AddNodes Add computing nodes in batches (scale up)
ListNodes Query the node list
ResetNodes Reset computing nodes in batches
DeleteNodes Delete computing nodes in batches
API Description
ListUsers Query the user list
AddUsers Add user accounts in batches
DeleteUsers Delete user accounts in batches
ModifyUserGroups Modify user permission groups in batches
ModifyUserPasswords Change user passwords in batches
API Description
ListVolumes Query the data volume list
API Description
ListRegions Query the list of available regions
ListImages Query the list of supported system images
ListSoftwares Query the list of supported software
ListPreferredEcsTypes Query the recommended ECS instance types
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