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API introduction

Last Updated: Mar 06, 2020

The following tables list API operations available for use in E-HPC. All API operations are released in the OpenAPI Spec format.

Note: Before you call API operations, make sure that you understand the product instructions, user agreements, and billing methods of E-HPC.


Term Definition Description
instance An E-HPC instance, instance for short. A high-performance server.
region region The region where the resource resides. Different regions are inaccessible to each other over the internal network.
package package A combination of different instance specifications such as CPU, memory, and GPU card. Packages are distinguished by their names.

Resource specifications

Note: If parameter values or available specifications in the API reference are different from those provided on the purchase page, the information on the purchase page takes precedence.

API overview


A total number of 63 API operations is available.


API version


API Description
CreateCluster Create a cluster.
DeleteCluster Delete a cluster.
StartCluster Start a cluster.
StopCluster Stop a cluster.
RecoverCluster Reset and resumes a cluster.
ModifyClusterAttributes Modify the attributes of a cluster.
ListClusters Query clusters.
DescribeCluster Query the details of a cluster.
ListClusterLogs Query the operations log of a cluster.
ListQueues Querys the queues of a cluster.
ListClustersMeta Query brief information about clusters in a region.
API Description
AddNodes Add one or more compute nodes.
ListNodes Query nodes.
ResetNodes Reset one or more compute nodes.
DeleteNodes Delete one or more compute nodes.
StartNodes Start one or more nodes.
StopNodes Stop one or more nodes.
ListNodesNoPaging Query nodes without pagination.
ListNodesByQueue Query node information by queue.
UpdateQueueConfig Modify queue configurations of a cluster.
API Description
InvokeShellCommand Run an interactive command.
ListCommands Query interactive commands.
ListInvocationStatus Query the status of an interactive command.
ListInvocationResults Query the execution result of an interactive command.
API Description
GetAutoScaleConfig Query the automatic scaling configurations of a cluster.
SetAutoScaleConfig Modify the configurations of automatic scaling.
API Description
AddContainerApp Add a container application.
DeleteImage Delete on-premises images.
DeleteContainerApps Delete one or more container applications.
DescribeImage Query the information about an on-premises image.
DescribeContainerApp Query the information about a container application.
DescribeImageGatewayConfig Query the configuration file of an image gateway.
ListContainerApps Query container applications.
ListContainerImages Query on-premises images.
ModifyImageGatewayConfig Modify the configuration file of an image gateway.
ModifyContainerAppAttributes Modify the attributes of a container application.
API Description
CreateJobTemplate Create a job template.
DeleteJobTemplates Delete one or more job templates.
EditJobTemplate Modify a job template.
ListJobTemplates Query job templates.
Operation Description
SetJobUser Set the owner of a job.
ListJobs Query jobs.
SubmitJob Submit a job.
StopJobs Stop one or more jobs.
DeleteJobs Delete one or more jobs.
API Description
ListUsers Query the users of a cluster.
AddUsers Add one or more users.
DeleteUsers Delete one or more users.
ModifyUserGroups Change the user groups to which one or more users belong.
ModifyUserPasswords Modify one or more user passwords.
Operation Description
ListVolumes Query volumes.
GetClusterVolumes Query the information about the shared volume of a cluster.
ListAvailableFileSystemTypes Query available file system types.
ListFileSystemWithMountTargets Query file systems and mount targets.
UpdateClusterVolumes Modify the shared volume that is attached to a cluster.
API Description
ListRegions Queries available regions.
ListImages Queries available system images.
ListSoftwares Queries available software applications.
ListPreferredEcsTypes Queries the recommended ECS instance types.
ListCustomImages Queries custom and shared images.
ListCurrentClientVersion Queries the latest version number of the current E-HPC client.
ListAvailableEcsTypes Query available ECS instance types in a region.
ListInstalledSoftware Query software applications that are installed in a cluster.