This topic describes how to get started with Alibaba Cloud Resource Access Management (RAM). You can use the RAM service to control permissions on Alibaba Cloud resources.


Operations in the RAM console

  • Set security policies to protect your Alibaba Cloud account. For more information, see Set RAM user security policies.
  • Create RAM users. A RAM user is an entity that you create in Alibaba Cloud to represent a person or application that interacts with Alibaba Cloud. For more information, see Create a RAM user.
  • Create RAM user groups to classify and organize RAM users under your Alibaba Cloud account for easier user and permission management. For more information, see Create a RAM user group.
  • Grant permissions to RAM users so that the users can access Alibaba Cloud resources. For more information, see Grant permissions to a RAM user.
  • Create custom policies to perform finer-grained permission control. For more information, see Create a custom policy.
  • Log on to the Alibaba Cloud console as a RAM user. Then, you can access Alibaba Cloud resources and perform necessary operations. For more information, see Log on to the console as a RAM user.


You can also perform custom development by using diverse API operations, SDK packages, and other easy-to-use tools. For more information, visit the RAM learning path.