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What is HiTSDB

Last Updated: May 29, 2018

High-Performance Time Series Database (HiTSDB) is a highly reliable and cost-effective time-series database that provides efficient data reading and writing capabilities, high-compression-ratio storage, and time-series data interpolation and aggregation. HiTSDB has wide industrial applications including Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring systems, enterprise-level energy management systems (EMS), production safety monitoring, and electric power detection systems.

HiTSDB provides you with the capability to write millions of time-series data points within seconds, together with the benefits of high compression ratio, low-cost data storage, downsampling, interpolation, multi-dimensional aggregation, and query results visualization, which helps you solve issues such as high storage cost and low writing & query efficiency caused by massive data-collecting points on devices and high frequency of the data collection.

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