You can migrate data from a user-created MongoDB database to an ApsaraDB for MongoDB instance. You must take note of the limits of ApsaraDB for MongoDB, as shown in the following table.

Operation Limit
Data version and storage engine For more information, see Data versions and storage engines.
Public IP address Access to an instance through a public IP address may incur security risks. No public IP address is configured when an instance is created. If you need to access a MongoDB database from the Internet, you can Apply for a public IP address.
Create an instance
  • When creating a sharded cluster instance, you can select the specifications and numbers of both mongos and shards.
  • You can add mongos or shards when the instance is running. For more information, see Change the configuration.
Restart an instance You can only restart instances from the ApsaraDB for MongoDB console or through the API.
Migrate data

Use the built-in commands of MongoDB to migrate data or Use DTS to migrate data.

Back up data Automatic backups must use the physical backup method. You can select the physical or logical backup method to Manually back up ApsaraDB for MongoDB data.
Restore data If you want to restore data, you must Create an instance based on a time point.