OSS has the following restrictions for use:

Restricted item Description
Archive storage It takes about one minute to restore data from the frozen state to the readable state.
  • You can create a maximum of 30 buckets in a region.
  • The name, region, and storage class of a bucket cannot be modified.
  • The capacity of each bucket is unlimited.
File upload and download
  • The size of each file uploaded by console upload, simple upload, form upload, and append upload cannot be greater than 5 GB. To upload a file greater than 5 GB, you must use multipart upload.
  • The size of each file uploaded by multipart upload cannot be greater than 48.8 TB.
  • The default bandwidth throttling of upload and download is 10 Gbit/s in Mainland China regions and 5 Gbit/s for International regions, China (Hong Kong), China (Macau), and China (Taiwan). Once the throttling is reached, the DownloadTrafficRateLimitExceeded or UploadTrafficRateLimitExceeded error response is returned. If you need a higher bandwidth, contact your local technical support.
  • If you upload a file with same name as an existing file, the original file is overwritten.
Deleting a file
  • Deleted files cannot be restored.
  • You can delete up to 1,000 files in batches in the console. To delete more files in batches, you must use APIs or SDKs.
Domain name binding
  • You must apply for an ICP license for your bound domain name to direct your website to servers located in Mainland China for public visits.
  • You can bind up to 100 domain names for each bucket.
Lifecycle You can configure up to 1,000 lifecycle rules for each bucket.
Image processing For the original image:
  • Only jpg, png, bmp, gif, webp, and tiff formats are supported.
  • File size cannot exceed 20 MB.
  • For the image rotation, the width or height of the image cannot exceed 4096.
  • The size of a single side cannot exceed 30,000.
For a thumbnail:
  • The product of the width and height cannot exceed 4096 x 4096.
  • The length of each side cannot exceed 4096.