If you want to transfer your domain name from Alibaba Cloud to another registrar, the registrar may ask for an authorization code (also known as an EPP code or a transfer key) to verify that you own the domain name.

Conditions for getting a transfer authorization code

To get a transfer authorization code, you must meet the following conditions:

  • The original domain name must be an Alibaba Cloud domain name.

  • The transfer date must be at least 60 days after the domain name registration submission date (domain name registration date), or

  • The transfer date must be at least 60 days after the last successful domain name transfer date, or

  • The transfer date must be at least 45 days after the renewal date of a previously expired domain.

  • The domain name to be transferred is in normal status (rather than in transfer prohibition). There must not be overdue payments or any arbitration or legal proceedings, and its registrant’s identity must be clear and not in dispute.


You can get an authorization code from Alibaba Cloud as follows:

  1. Log on to the Domains console.
  2. Locate the domain name to be transferred, and click Manage.
  3. On the Basic Information page, and in the left-side navigation pane click Domain Transfer-Out .
  4. Verify the domain transfer-out through email. Check the registrant’s email address where the transfer code is sent, and click Next.
  5. Perform security authentication. You can select one authentication mode and enter the authentication code. Click Next.

After your complete these steps, the authorization code is sent to the previously selected email address.