This article provides a brief introduction about the upload and download process of the MaxCompute system data, including service connection, SDKs, tools, and cloud data migration.

The DataHub and Tunnel offers the real-time data tunnel and the batch data tunnel respectively to access the MaxCompute system.

Both DataHub and Tunnel provide their own SDKs. The SDKs and derivative data upload and download tools can suffice your data upload and download requirements in various scenarios.

Data upload and download tools include: DataWorks, DTS, OGG plugin, Sqoop, Flume plugin, Logstash plugin, Fluentd plugin, Kettle plugin, MaxCompute console.

Underlying data tunnels used by these tools include:
  • DataHub tunnel tools
    • OGG
    • Flume
    • LogStash
    • Fluentd
  • Tunnel tools
    • DataWorks
    • DTS
    • Sqoop
    • Kettle
    • MaxCompute  console

A wide range of data upload and download tools are applicable to most of the cloud data migration scenarios. The subsequent articles introduce the tools, Hadoop data migration, database data synchronization, log collection, and other cloud migration scenarios. We recommend that you refer to these articles when you select the technical solutions.