Comparison with self-build HBase

Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for HBase
Latency The P99 latency of ApsraDB for HBase is one tenth of the open source edition. For more information, see Performance Report.
Performance I/O performance: three to seven times of the open source edition. For more information, see Performance Report.
Costs Exclusively supports for ZSTD compression (double compression rate), OSS cold storage, hot and cold separation, elastic scaling, and other capabilities. The total cost can be as low as 50% of fthe costs on user-created HBase databases.
Service mode Fully managed
Feature extensions Provides SQL light-weight analysisfull-text search, hot and cold separation, vertical data model, and many other capabilities. This can comprehensively meet the storage, search, and analysis needs of enterprises in volumetric data scenarios.
Reliability Provides an SLA for features such as multiple disaster recovery capabilities including primary/secondary failover, active-active, and backup.
Elasticity Supports scale-up: Upsizing and disk expansion; Supports scale out: Productization scaling nodes; Supports Serverless: Automatically scales without the need to sense resource usage.
Ecosystem capability Open source ecosystem and Alibaba Cloud ecosystem, which made deep production integration with MySQL, Spark, OSS, and MaxCompute.
Data migration Supports hot migration from any edition of user-created HBase instances and environments to ApsaraDB for HBase. The entire process is automated, efficient, has no impacts on services, and does not require any code changes.
Security Supports simple account and password authentication and access control lists, as well as network isolation and whitelist capabilities.
Maturity ApsaraDB for HBase has been tested inside Alibaba Group for over 10 years, and provides services to tens of thousands of nodes. ApsaraDB for HBase also has also provided support for the core applications Tmall Double 11 for nine years.

Comparison with traditional databases