Supported systems 

Logtail supports Windows Server 2003 32/64bit and later version, such as:

  • Windows 7 (Client) 32bit 
  • Windows 7 (Client) 64bit 
  • Windows Server 2003 32bit 
  • Windows Server 2003 64bit 
  • Windows Server 2008 32bit 
  • Windows Server 2008 64bit 
  • Windows Server 2012 64bit 

Install Logtail

  1. Download the installation package
    • Mainland China: Click here.
    • Overseas: Click here.
  2. Extract to the current directory.
  3. Install Logtail based on the network environment of your machine and the region of Log Service.

    Use Windows PowerShell or cmd.exe to enter the logtail_installer directory. Run the corresponding command based on the network environment of your machine and the region.

    Installation command:

    Region of Log Service  Classic Network and VPC Internet (self-built IDCs) Global acceleration
    China North 1 (Qingdao)  .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-qingdao .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-qingdao-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-qingdao-acceleration
    China North 2 (Beijing)   .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-beijing .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-beijing-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-beijing-acceleration
    China North 3 (Zhangjiakou) .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-zhangjiakou .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-zhangjiakou-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-zhangjiakou-acceleration
    North China 5 (Hohhot) .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-huhehaote .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-huhehaoteinternet .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-huhehaote-acceleration
    China East 1 (Hangzhou)  .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-hangzhou .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-hangzhou-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-hangzhou-acceleration
    China East 2 (Shanghai)  .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-shanghai .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-shanghai-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-shanghai-acceleration
    China South 1 (Shenzhen)  .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-shenzhen .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-shenzhen-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-shenzhen-acceleration
    China (Chengdu) .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-chengdu .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-chengdu-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-chengdu-acceleration
    Hong Kong .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-hongkong .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-hongkong-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install cn-hongkong-acceleration
    US (Silicon Valley) .\logtail_installer.exe install us-west-1 .\logtail_installer.exe install us-west-1-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install us-west-1-acceleration
    East US 1 (Virginia) .\logtail_installer.exe install us-east-1 .\logtail_installer.exe install us-east-1-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install us-east-1-acceleration
    Southeast Asia Pacific 1 (Singapore) .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-southeast-1 .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-southeast-1-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-southeast-1-acceleration
    Southeast Asia Pacific 2 (Sydney) .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-southeast-2 .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-southeast-2-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-southeast-2-acceleration
    Asia Pacific SE 3 (Kuala Lumpur)  .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-southeast-3 .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-southeast-3-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-southeast-3-acceleration
    Asia Pacific SE 5 (Jakarta)  .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-southeast-5 .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-southeast-5-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-southeast-5-acceleration
    Asia Pacific SOU 1 (Mumbai)  .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-south-1 .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-south-1-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-south-1-acceleration
    Asia Pacific NE 1 (Japan)  .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-northeast-1 .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-northeast-1-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install ap-northeast-1-acceleration
    Central Europe 1 (Frankfurt) .\logtail_installer.exe install eu-central-1 .\logtail_installer.exe install eu-central-1-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install eu-central-1-acceleration
    Eastern Middle East 1 (Dubai) .\logtail_installer.exe install me-east-1 .\logtail_installer.exe install me-east-1-internet .\logtail_installer.exe install me-east-1-acceleration
    UK (London) .\logtail_installer.exe install eu-west-1 .\logtail_installer.exe install eu-west-1 .\logtail_installer.exe install eu-west-1-acceleration
    Note Log Service cannot obtain the owner information of non-Alibaba Cloud machines. Therefore, you must manually configure the user identification after installing Logtail when Logtail is used by self-built IDCs or other cloud hosts. Otherwise, Logtail has abnormal heartbeats and cannot collect logs. For more information, see Collect logs from non-Alibaba Cloud ECS instances or ECS instances not in your account.

Uninstall Logtail

Use Windows PowerShell or cmd.exe to enter the logtail_installer  directory and run the following command: 

.\logtail_installer.exe uninstall