In some cases, a service must be published on a virtual network interface controller (vNIC) or a virtual IP address. For example, the elastic IP address (EIP) of an Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance that is associated with the local host. If the virtual IP address is specified in the -Dhsf.server.ip parameter, an error message appears when the service is started. This indicates that the service fails to be published.


When the service is published, the virtual IP address cannot be found in the local network interface controller.


To troubleshoot and fix this issue, Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) allows you to customize IP addresses for service providers. Then, service providers can publish services in the configuration center without the need to specify IP addresses. After a service is published, the service provider can modifiy the IP address and publish the service again. The service consumer does not need to modify the IP address.

  1. After the service is published, find it in Configuration List and click Update on the right.
    You can also find the published service in Services.
  2. On the Edit Configuration page, modify the IP address in the Content field.
    Note Do not modify the content that follows the IP address unless otherwise required. Otherwise, errors may occur when services are called.
  3. Click OK to save the settings.
  4. Restart the related service. The service with the new IP address is registered again to ensure that the modifications take effect.
    After the IP address is modified, the service consumer can call the service by using the normal method without making additional changes. You can view the log in the {user.home}\logs\configclient\config-client.log directory to find the real IP address from which the service is called. Check the content next to the keyword [Data-received] in the logs to view the full details of the called service.