This topic describes the billable items, billing methods, pricing methods, and billing rules for Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS).

Note The billing of EDAS does not cover the costs of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) resources such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS) resources. Charges for IaaS resources are included in the billing of specific IaaS services.

Billable items

EDAS is billed based on the number of instances on which applications are deployed. The billing method varies based on the types of clusters in which applications are deployed.

  • ECS cluster

    In an ECS cluster, only one application can be deployed on each ECS instance. An ECS instance on which an application is deployed is an application instance. Therefore, the number of application instances is the same as that of ECS instances on which applications are deployed.

    For example, if you deploy one application in an ECS cluster that has 10 ECS instances, 10 application instances are billed.

  • Kubernetes cluster

    In a Kubernetes cluster, each pod is regarded as one application instance.

    For example, if you deploy one application in a Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) cluster that has a total of 15 pods, 15 application instances are billed.

  • EDAS does not calculate the fees of pods or ECS instances, but charges a fee for managing a specific number of pods or ECS instances.
  • In EDAS, you are charged for the largest number of application instances in a day. Fees are not rebilled when you restart ECS instances or pods.

EDAS on Alibaba Cloud (subscription)

Purchase the EDAS service in subscription mode.

EDAS provides three editions in subscription mode: Standard Edition, Professional Edition, and Platinum Edition. The prices of application instances vary based on the edition that you select.

Note Features vary based on the edition that you select. For more information, see Editions.

Maximum number of supported application instances Standard Edition Professional Edition Platinum Edition
5 1 153 6,858
10 1 458 6,858
20 1 915 6,858
50 686 2,286 6,858
100 1,143 3,810 11,430
200 1,829 6,096 18,288
300 2,469 8,230 22,860
400 2,744 9,144 27,432
500 3,086 10,287 30,860
500+ N/A 15,240 45,719