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Install Configuration Center

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2018

The Light-weight Configuration Center allows developers to discover, register, and search services during development, debugging, and test. This module does not belong to the official environment of EDAS. You must download the installation package and complete installation before using it.

Generally, the Light-weight Configuration Center only needs to be installed on one ECS instance inside a company, and other development machines only need to bind to a specific host in order to use it.

Install the Configuration Center

  1. Check that the environment requirements are met.

    • Check that the environment variable JAVA_HOME points to JDK 1.6 or a later version.

    • Check that Port 8080 and Port 9600 are unused.

      Because Port 8080 and Port 9600 are used for starting the EDAS configuration center, we recommend that you use a dedicated server (for example, a test machine) to start the EDAS configuration center. If you are using the same machine, change the port of the Web project to another unused port.

  2. Start the EDAS configuration center.

    1. Download the EDAS configuration center installation package and decompress it.

      If required, you can download a previous version:

    2. Go to the edas-config-center directory to start the configuration center.

      • Windows operating system: Double-click startup.bat .
      • Unix operating system: Run the sh startup.sh command in the current directory.

Configure hosts for Configuration Center

To use the Configuration Center on development machines, point the jmenv.tbsite.net domain in the local DNS (hosts file) to the IP address of the server on which the EDAS configuration center is started.

The path of the hosts file is as follows:

  • Windows operating system: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

  • Unix operating system: /etc/hosts


If you start the EDAS configuration center on the server whose IP address is, add the following line to the hosts files on all development machines: jmenv.tbsite.net

Then the HSF service will register and discover services based on this registration center.

If you have problems while installing configuration center, see FAQ of configuration center.

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