After a domain name expires, a 30-day grace period is provided for renewal. If the grace period ends, the domain name enters the redemption period. Domain names with different suffixes have different redemption periods. You can redeem your domain name at a higher price within the redemption period. This topic describes how to redeem a domain name.


The renewal grace period of the domain name ends, but the domain name is in its redemption period.


To make sure that your domain name can be used properly, renew your domain name before it expires. This prevents extra payment for redemption. If you do not renew a domain name within the renewal grace period, the domain name enters the redemption period. Follow these steps to redeem a domain name:
  • When a domain name enters the redemption period, the costs of redeeming the domain name from the domain name registry are much higher than the costs of registering and renewing the domain name. For more information about the redemption prices of domain names, see Domain redemption prices.
  • During the redemption period, DNS resolution is suspended. After the domain name is redeemed, DNS resolution is resumed immediately. However, you must reset the DNS records of the domain name. The resolution recovery usually takes 24 to 48 hours to take effect.
  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Domains console.
  2. On the Domain Names page, click the To Be Redeemed tab.
    Note If you cannot find your domain name on the To Be Redeemed tab, the domain name may have been deleted by the domain name registry because its redemption period has expired.
  3. Select the domain names that you want to redeem. In the lower part of the domain name list, select Bulk Redeem.
  4. Complete the domain name redemption as prompted.