Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) is a network-based data storage service. Using OSS, you can store and retrieve a variety of unstructured data files over the network at any time, including text files, images, audios, and videos.

OSS uploads data as objects to a bucket. You can do the following:

  • Create one or multiple buckets. Add one or multiple objects to each bucket.
  • Share or download an object by getting its URL assigned by OSS.
  • Set access permissions of a bucket or object by modifying its attributes.
  • Perform basic and advanced tasks in the OSS console.
  • Perform basic and advanced tasks by using the development toolkit or calling the RESTful API in an application program.

Before you use OSS, we recommend that you get familiar with OSS service limits. This guide describes how to complete the basic tasks shown in the following figure in the OSS console.

  1. Sign up for OSS
  2. Create a bucket
  3. Upload an object
  4. Share an object
  5. Delete an object
  6. Delete a bucket