You can delete objects that are uploaded to OSS buckets.

OSS allows you to perform the following deletion operations:

  • Single deletion: You can delete a specific object.
  • Batch deletion: You can delete up to 1,000 objects at a time.
  • Automatic deletion: We recommend that you manage object lifecycle to enable automatic object deletion if you need to delete a large number of objects based on certain rules, for example, you need to regularly delete objects that were created certain days ago or empty a bucket. After you set lifecycle management rules, OSS automatically deletes expired objects based on the rules. This greatly reduces the number of deletion requests that you send and improves the deletion efficiency.

Operating methods

Operating method Description
Console Web application, which is intuitive and easy to use
ossbrowser Graphical tool, which is easy to operate
ossutil Command-line tool, which delivers good performance
Java SDK SDK demos in various languages
Python SDK
Android SDK
Node.js SDK
Browser.js SDK
Ruby SDK