Set bucket read and write permissions

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2017

Only a bucket owner can, when creating a bucket, set bucket read and write permissions using Access Control List (ACL). The owner can also modify the ACL for that bucket according to service requirements. Currently, three access permissions are available for a bucket:

Permission Access Restriction
public-read-write Anyone, including anonymous users, can perform read and write operations on the files in the bucket. The fees incurred by these operations are borne by the owner of the bucket. Use this permission with caution.
public-read Only the owner of the bucket can perform write operations on the files in the bucket, while others (including anonymous users) can perform read operations on the files.
private Only authorized users are allowed to read, write, and delete files in the bucket. Others cannot access the files in the bucket without authorization.

For more information, see Access control.


Setting ACLs for a bucket

Obtaining ACLs for a bucket

  • Console: After logging in to the console, users can view the ACL in the bucket attributes.
  • SDK: Java SDK - Get Bucket ACL
  • API: Get BucketACL
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